About the photographer - fotoaray

Everything about Raymond!
Ray was born in a small country village in the Irish Midlands (County Westmeath). Growing up with his younger brother and sister, Ray always enjoyed the outdoors. Whether he was cycling to the hurling pitch, discovering old ruins, helping on the farm or learning to drive at 4! (which may or may not be true) - Ray developed a love of landscapes and nature.

Later in life, Ray began travelling and captured on film some diverse and magnificent landscapes. Ray looks for the natural and often overlooked beauty in every-day scenery when composing his photographs. After moving to Australia in 2010, Ray continues to travel around Australia with the company of his wife and two dogs, to share his interpretation through the lens of his Nikon D800.

Ray invites you to come on a journey through "Irish Eyes" and discover his photography @ fotoaray.com.au